Welcome to the historic General Denver Hotel! 

We are dedicated to celebrating the unique and vibrant Americana culture that has passed through our hotel for more than eighty years. Join us at our pub for live music, local beer and wine, and one of our excellent lunch or dinner specials. Stay the night in our inn where each room is as unique as the hotel itself. Host your special event in our beautiful dining room with service from the excellent Denver staff.

About the General Denver
The hotel, built in 1928, was named in honor of General James William Denver, one of Wilmington's most adventuresome citizens. General Denver was not only a hero of the Mexican and Civil Wars; he was governor of the "Bleeding Kansas Territory", US legislator from Colorado and California and the man for whom Denver, Colorado was named.

The dream to build a first class hotel between Columbus and Cincinnati was created by a group of prominent citizens, led by Matthew Rombach Denver. James Scudder Atkins of Cincinnati was contracted to design the hotel and A.P. Eveland handled the construction. The result was a beautiful four-story Tudor Revival structure unlike any other.

Once upon a time the hotel included an elegant dining room, barbershop, soda fountain and tavern. It soon became the center of Wilmington's business and social life. Today, the General Denver remains a focal point of downtown Wilmington, so come on by and enjoy unique experience into yesteryear...


Mark & Molly Dullea
General Denver Hotel Owners